Tips to Cut Health Insurance Premium in 2008

With health insurance attracting so much attention now, it will be wrong for us not to cover this topic in our articles. Today many people still cannot afford purchasing a health insurance policy due to the skyrocketing prices. Here we've collected best tips to reduce regular payments and get an affordable health policy.

  • A good way to lower life insurance premium is to use med services via phone. These community services are free and operate 24/7 offering high quality medical help to everyone. You can trust experienced nurses that work there with all your problems and be sure to get professional medical advice for free.However do not practice such calls as a substitute to actual visits to the doctor. They are primarily designed to offer advice for you to take precautious measures to stop the illness at the very start. So you'll be ok soon and also reduce the number of visits to the doctor. That will positively reflect on your life insurance bills.
  • This tip is mostly for those who are of "healthy type" and get sick rarely. Consider purchasing a catastrophic health insurance policy. First, its premiums are considerable lower, and since you are not ill frequently, you do not need the full coverage. Second, they are really useful in case of sudden accidents or ailments.
  • Do not disregard generic medications. Of course, brand name drugs are well trusted and proved to be effective, but they also make your health insurance expenses grow a lot. Generic drugs may be less popular, but not less efficient. It is regulated by law for generics to contain the very same active ingredients as the brand names have. They may only differ in inactive constituents. So, consider buying generic medications, but do discuss your decision with your doctor at first.
  • Excessive weight causes extra payments. Since BMI (Body Mass Index) plays an important role in evaluating your health insurance premium, it is important to know, that overweight people have a higher risk factor for insurers than normal weight customers. But it doesn't mean that your premium will be reduced only if you lose 50 pounds! Just a few lost pounds will positively affect your health insurance bills and will spur you to lose more, get fit and healthy.
  • Smokers pay more. Health insurers speak the language of figures and statistics, and smokers are proved to run a higher risk of getting different deadly diseases than non-smokers. Consequently, cigarette-addicts will get a higher premium. Now there is another good reason to quit smoking - to lower health insurance bills. If you have not taken a cigarette for about a year, do inform your insurance agent and see your premium cut a lot.
  • Before purchasing health insurance it is recommended to spend time looking for online quotes. It is fast and easy - you instantly get health insurance quotes from a number of your local companies. You can choose the best suitable offer. Insurers compete for customers, and so, the more comparisons you make, the greater chance of getting a cheap health insurance policy you have.

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